• Lakes Terroir
    NY Artisan Cheese
  • Lakes Terroir is an artisan cheese brand created by myself and three other designers that focuses on the pairing of cheese and wine. It would be manufactured locally and sold in the Finger Lakes region. Consumers can combine Lakes Terroir cheese wedges into sets to pair with the wines they choose, which are great for gifts or social gatherings.

    • Wooden container serves as package and gift box. It is made from recycled oak wine barrels which impart wine flavors to the cheese inside.
    • The box can be reused as a cheese cutting board, cheese serving tray, recipe storage box, and cheese knife storage, and is small enough to be kept on the counter.
    • Cheese wedges can be sold separately at premium supermarkets and wineries or combined in gift sets at wineries.
    • Cheese paper wrap can be reused on leftovers by using the resealable label sticker.
    • Inside the box, users will find a cheese knife and a set of cards including wine and cheese pairing tips, recipes, and information about Lakes Terroir.

    Box dimensions: 7” x 6.5” x 3.5”
    Cheese wedge dimensions: 6” x  3” x 2.5”