Lady's Retreat

Created: 05/27/13
Last Edited: 05/27/13
Presenting this retreat in an appealing and current way while presenting all the necessary information was my challenge. I had very little input from the client so I had lots of freedom.

I wanted the pieces to appeal to women with a variety of tastes - from feminine and small town to corporate - so I chose a muted pallet with a balance of both cool and warm colors. For graphics I chose simple and clean flowers & stylized birds complimented by simple circles.

By containing photos in shapes I hoped to incorporate these un-illustrated elements into the over all design.

I chose a hand written font to convey friendliness without being overly feminine as a script font might have done and used it sparingly to compliment the overall simplicity of lines.

I broke the information into bite sized pieces with lots of graphic play. I tried to make it easy to find the information you were looking for quickly, without having to read everything while making each section flow into the next if the reader was purusing the entire poster or brochure.
  • Poster and brochure to present the theme, speaker, worship leader and other information about an annual retreat.
  • Poster
  • Brochure > outide
  • Brochure > inside

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