LYRIC 20th anniversary celebration logos

  • Five options shown, top to bottom, left to right:
    1) Two Y's create a house in its negative space, referencing the safe space LYRIC provides its LGBTQ youth.
    2) A bright candle with four colors representing the four main events is nested within this word lock up, with purple being the main color (for LYRIC) and a rainbow being subtly alluded to in the color order.
    3) The idea of building up in unity is referenced with the house shape taking the place of the A in "years," formed by many small units. The units themselves are broken up into four different colors to be used to color-code the four events at the celebration.
    4) "We" is highlighted in the word "twenty" to emphasize the idea of unity, with LYRIC's tagline along the bottom where "all" and "together" are literally merging together. The entire logo is again in four different colors for the four events, with the emphasis on different purples for LYRIC's brand.