L!VE (Lifting Ideas and Voicing Effect)

Created: 05/08/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
L!VE engages those who have a true love for hip hop, Through community programs L!VE encourages them to use the essential elements and roots of hip hop culture to build their futures through their ideas and creativity. As members work to perfect their craft, they are encouraged to share their work at monthly events where members of the L!VE community can give feedback.

The L!VE website aims to showcase the current work of L!VE members and visiting guests. New activities and workshops taking place at the L!VE community are posted as well to keep members and potential members informed on what’s happening.

The commercial showcased on the website reflects the concept of remixing your reality. It aims to inspire viewers to dare to dream, and to make an impact on their world.
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    Lifting Ideas and Voicing Effect

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