• The following displays the 2 single page spreads and two page spreads I developed for the print campagin for the LLSTOL modular furniture company I found on Kickstarter. It also shows the 3D installation in a bus-stop that features the furniture in a guerilla campaign style installation. There is also some examples of studies and different concepts I had prior to the final ideas. 
    I integrated the use of transparency to show how the two pieces work together to form unique combinations of furniture usable for numerous functions. I also developed the tagline Limitless. 
  • Two page spread without transparency
  • Transparency laying flat on right side. 
  • Transparency in use on right side. 
  • Transparency laying flat on left side. 
  • Transparency was multifunctional with both sides. In this image hand is showing use on left side.
  • Bus stop rendering featuring the furniture as a guerilla marketing installation. It creates an experience where consumers can experience the chair prior to purchase. 
  • Infographics