Created: 04/11/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Re-launch of
  • As art director and lead brand steward, I was privileged toact as a consulting creative director with SpringBox on the 2010 re-launch I consulted regularly with the design team to maintain visual consistencyof the website with other brand touchpoints, and to weave a powerful expressionof the LIVESTRONG brand into the structure of the site. The resulting redesignsuccessfully combines brand expression, seamless navigation and compellingstorytelling via efficient and fluid technology.
  • Making use of an image carousel, the homepage main graphics change at regular intervals. Also, the images and accompanying text are easy to update and keeps the site fresh.
  • With a drop down navigation menu, we were able to keep the page organized and also easy to navigate. An additional navigation pane is also on the bottom of each page.
  • Image and graphic guidelines help maintaing the brand as the pages get maintained by our in-house new media team.
  • Templates are used for every level of information and keep each page open and easy to read.
  • Dynamic content such as this video are contained within the webpage to help the user keep their place.