LIVESTRONG Summit, 2008

Created: 04/09/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Project deliverables included a comprehensive brand for the LIVESTRONG Summit, environmental graphics, a main stage design, attendee package was distributed on a branded flash drive and on-site graphics enabled each group to appear as an engaged constituency.
  • LIVESTRONG Summit, 2008
  • Survivor portraits and their stories cover the lobby windows from floor to ceiling. Printed on mesh, the portraits help brand the space and also create a general warm welcome to others going through similar experiences.
  • Opposite the survivor windows and flanking the auditorium entrance is the welcome signage. 
  • In the lobby area, attendees visit the LIVESTRONG information booth to find out more about the organization and the Summit itself.
  • In between sessions the attendees to the conference use the lobby area to meet with each and recap the sessions before heading to their breakout sessions.
  • Wayfinding signage helped attendees navigate their way through The Ohio State University campus. Removable arrows helped organizers fine-tune the most direct paths to conference rooms.
  • Hand-held signage helped session leaders corral attendees.
  • The signs also helped the leaders find each other across campus.
  • All attendees wore credentials throughout the event.
  • Credentials were color-coded according to which role and track each attendee represented. The badges contained maps and schedules, and were saved as mementos of the event.
  • Conference attendees received a branded goodie bag upon check-in, which included a water bottle, credentials and other materials relevant to touring The Ohio State University campus.
  • In lieu of printing and shipping collateral, all Summit-specific handouts and follow-up information were saved to branded flash drives.
  • We transformed the auditorium into a branded LIVESTRONG experience, complete with survivor portraits, branded signage and lighting effects to enhance the presentations.
  • Branded gobos enhanced our stage presence.
  • The whole experience kept the audience engaged throughout every presentation.
  • All location photography © Kreutz Photography.