• LIVESTRONG Guidebook
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) awarded the Lance Armstrong Foundation a grant to develop and create a comprehensive guide to help survivors navigate the cancer journey fromthe moment of diagnosis. After many focus groups, pilot test and revisions toboth content and design, these two books are the resulting solution.
    Cancer survivors and the CDC require 12-point type minimum. Chemical and radiation treatments have adverse effects on patients’ vision and physical strength. The design of this resource as two books is due to their diminished strength and also the impracticality of lugging around more information than one needs at one time. Hence, the Guidebook is meant to be kept at home as a reference and the Planner & Journal travels with the patient to their treatment appointments.
    Initial testing was so successful that an additional 16,500 copies were produced to fulfill outstanding requests and thousands more have been printed and distributed since its initialintroduction. The books also serve as a primary resource distributed by the LIVE
    STRONG Cancer Navigation Center.
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