Through Branded, an event held by AIGA, a design team is paired with a social venture team. It is a whole day process of client - designer interaction to create a branding system for the social venture team. My team was paired with a team whose mission was to build a data driven marketing agency, called The Common Good. They focuses on helping non-profit organizations around Seattle area to build branding and marketing strategy.

    First off, we focused on the word polish. Their goal is to enlighten non-profit organizations and elevate them to a new market level. Thus, we took levo, a root word from polish. The tag line is made short and sweet to encompass their vision and mission.

    Our design team agreed that the logo has to have a balance and firm attribute. I was heavily involved in the logo creation process. The logo is made of simple and angular shapes to create the illusion of Levo's data driven element. As it elevates to the top, the logo become lighter to show the enlightment process, and transformed into a different shape to show that Levo's client will be in a better level than before. The simple shapes are arranged in thus manner as the bottom shape conveys the "L", the cut out space implies the "E", which is nested in the letter "V", and ended with an "O" on the top. The color palette is made simple to focus more on the transformation of the company.