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to position above the rest
    Digital Outdoor Boards
  • Some examples from my three years at Lamar. Some are nontraditional. Some are narrative. All approach the medium of outdoor from a digital as well as aesthetic perspective. The medium is the message, but this medium is evolving...
  • Georgia Coffee was making a triumphant return to the United States from its long hiatus overseas. Following great success overseas in China and Singapore, they would return to select markets only. Cincinnati was one of the first. Using one of the founders of the city, the city's famed animagus, and simple, pseudopolitical language, we wanted to announce the return in a disruptive way. Ideally, this would set Georgia apart from the ubiquitous Starbucks, etc. crowding this nation's coffee market.
  • V for Victory. This ford dealer has virtually no visual presence in their market and wanted to update their look and feel for their market using the size and clarity of outdoor to its advantage. The product is shown in action, but does not interfere with the communication being delivered.
  • Santo Coyote wanted to look different than the dozens of other Mexican restaurants in the area, but still wanted plenty of information for viewers to absorb with the coming of Cinco de Mayo.
  • Another handling of a lot of information in a visually striking way. What does your church look like?
  • Jet Set design for a community of small plane pilots.
  • The city of Florence Alabama has a rich tradition of southern Victorianism. Why not use this language to express something new in town and a positive for the people?
  • Often, a client is unsure of what they want. Versioning is an everyday part of what we do at Lamar. In this case, it was a difference in how the information was organized.
  • How does one relate a distinct place and its culture to a product?
  • Imagine sitting at a redlight, watching every other flip in a digital panel show this guy's epic fall...

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