• Koshu Japan
  • This is a two color brochure for a Winery lecture at the University of Stevens Point.

    The challenge I had was to create a two-color brochure using stock photography. So I decided to solve this problem by making the stock photos silhouettes and combine this with really tight leading on the pull quotes to create a very cool look.

    I added a fold down flap to hold the all the required copy and then added a tab so that the brochure would stay together when closed. The article in the brochure is about a winery in Japan. So I went with black and green for the color scheme, green being the color of white wine is why I went with that as the color. Black just seemed the right color to fit with the green for easy readability and solid contrast for the reader.

    Custom die cut printed on 12.5" x 19" Neenah Paper
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