Kooch It, paper sample design

Created: 10/21/11
Last Edited: 06/02/13
This is a paper sample package created to showcase the beauty of handmade linen paper.
  • Kooch-It Paper Sampler
    Paper Sample Package for a Hand made paper company
  • How sexy paper can be? Pretty damn sexy, when its hand made of 100% linen. Couching {or as its pronounced KOO-ching} is a technical tern for the transfer of the wet paper pulp from the screen to the drying area.
  • three seperate sleves for each type of paper family, coated, uncoated, fiber
  • VELCRO inbeded in the cover to help contents together securely 
  • barious exmaples and sugested uses for each paper family 
  • a set of handmade illustrations sticking with the companies ethos 

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