Knowing Who - Trade Show Booth Display

  • Our company needed to update their trade show graphics, and along with a variety of banners, their 10 foot curved display was in need of an updated graphic that communicated their shift towards new messaging, as well as give the booth an updated, contemporary look.

    One of our value propositions as an authentication solutions company who specializes in biometrics is with our solutions, you know with a high degree of certainty who is actually accessing your sensitive information, areas, and more. I developed this visual in an effort to meet several needs that supported this message:
    - Visually striking / attention-grabbing
    - Showing that without biometric identification (represented with the hand in the front) the individual's identity is not truly known
    - A successful combination of two aesthetics to appeal to particular audiences: Corporate and High-tech
  •  The final design of the booth graphics.
  •  A photograph of me with the finished 10 foot display to put the size into perspective.