Kiwi Packaging: Concept

Created: 04/07/13
Last Edited: 06/11/13
This project was created in the fall of 2008, when tasked by a professor to create packaging for fruit.

Due to my experience as a produce manager at grocery store, I realized that most fruit does not need packaging, as nature already provides its own unique solution. Also with this experience in mind, I remembered that around 10%-15% gets thrown away before being placed on grocery store shelves due to surface blemishes.

This solution aims to be a type of packaging that can be applied at the grocery store level, and would serve less as packaging, but more as a tool to eat a kiwi on the go, one of the harder to eat fruits without a spoon.

All the user needs to do is follow the simple instructions, and pull the bamboo piece, allowing food safe fishing line to easily cut the kiwi in half, and use the included bamboo spoon to eat it.

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