Kinetic Type

Created: 04/12/12
Last Edited: 06/05/13
This project was done to build my knowledge of motion theory and apply it towards a kinetic type animation using Adobe After Effects. Preceding the actual animation process, I conceptualized the basic motion paths and typography arrangements by story boarding my ideas. After the basic concept was developed I assembled it in After Effects. This was my first experience animating type in any other program besides Flash.

I would also like to not that I in no way own or take credit for the copyrights to the lyrics or music to the song, as they are property of the band JET and their label. I only claim the animation as my own.
  • Kinetic Type
  • This kinetic type lyric video is of the song "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by the band JET. The goal of this project was to successfully implement motion theory to typography in such a way that the viewers eye is lead comfortably around the screen. The creative process started first with hand done storyboards and then finished in Adobe After Effects.

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