Keep It Personal

  • For my senior research project I researched blogging culture and the effects it has on people. Through this research I created a company that would promote keeping private information private, versus sharing online. I created interactive web banner ads to promote this campaign, as well as a series of journals, an iPad app and a website. The journal designs and web banner ads were made out of cut paper that I hand assembled, creating a connection with many bloggers that enjoy the DIY culture.
  • I researched pattern trends and then created hand assembled patterns to use in the design of the journals.
  • Each journal also incorporates a use of typography in a motivational quote.
  • To promote this campaign I created moving web banner ads to draw attention to Keep It Personal and the products they offer. The ads were created from the process of assembling the journals, and would lead the viewer to the website I also created.
  • A gridded and clean web design layout designed to keep the Keep It Personal brand cohesive.
  • I also created an iPad app for people who feel they need the digital connection to releasing their emotions (such as blogging), but keeping it more personal in a digital journal. This journal allows the user to look at their whole history of entries, as well as add new ones multiple times a day.