KU Student Organization Posters

  • For this project, we were to choose a non-greek student-run organization at KU and create two posters for them, helping them to reach a particular goal. We also were to define two different audience profiles with one poster corresponding to each. My organization was KU's Ugly Sweater and Kite Flying Society. A new, fun, fresh group that flies kites in the spring, wears sweaters in the winter, and hosts and organizes charity events all year long.

    My two audience profiles are: MIA, a hip student at KU looking for a club to fit her needs and JACK, a KU alum who is active within the Lawrence community and enjoys charity work.

    In addition to the two audience defined posters, we were to create additional collateral that would further help the group's goals. My piece is a two-sided interactive poster that can be decorated and then constructed to form a functioning kite.
  • Audience Persona 2: Jack, a KU alum who enjoys the rewarding feeling of participating in charitable events and likes to stay active in the KU student community.
  • Audience Persona 1: Mia, a hip KU student who is looking to join a unique organization that will fit her schedule and whose members could be potential friends.
  • This is the front side of my two-sided collateral piece. The user can choose either side of the poster to decorate, and once decorated, the kite can be cut out and formed into a functioning kite.
  • This is the back side of my two-sided collateral piece. This side has the second option for the kite design as well as the instructions and needed materials list to create the functioning kite.