KFAI : Fresh Air Radio

Created: 10/09/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
KFAI postcards for promoting four of their programs. Done in black and white with a pantone spot color. Two options for the front, and four program designs.
  • KFAI Promotional Postcards
    Front and back designed for specific programs on KFAI
  • KFAI - Fresh Air Radio in Minneapolis/St Paul, MN needed a promotional postcard for several of their on-air shows. The client asked that we use only the logo colors on the card front, and designed the backs for each individual show in greyscale.

    This is a sampling of a few of our favorites (designed in collaboration with Gary Cripps)
  • Two versions of card front for KFAI promotional project.
  • Card backs for four programs on KFAI