Created: 07/15/10
Last Edited: 01/04/14
Say hello to an old friend.
A category extension from the company best known for skis and snowboards, a new brand with the emphasis on urban riding and big air on the vert ramp.
  • K2, Inc., the sporting goods conglomerate, needed help launching a new division–K2 Bike. The company was
    challenged with integrating an engineering-centric bike company with their thriving ski, snowboard and skate
    divisions. The solution was to inject it with soul and irreverent personality. The outcome was this “tattoo parlor”
    version of the K2 ligature that resonated strongly with the scrappy, counterculture of BMX and ramp riders.

  • K2 Skate was one of the first divisions catering to the entire family – fitness skates for parents and street/park skates for kids. With the mainstream appropriation of in-line skating, establishing a separate, authentic feel for the street/park skates was essential for success. Not only did this approach achieve a “cool factor” that crossed the generations and extended brand allegiance to new product lines; the Web site, here, won a number of design awards.