Junior Senior Banquet 2013

Created: 03/30/13
Last Edited: 02/16/14
This is the visual branding for Cedarville University's annual Junior-Senior banquet, one of the largest events of the year. As creative director, I planned the visuals, created all designs including the logo, posters, website, and other promotional materials, and oversaw the branding of the event across multiple media (print, web, video).
  • Logo designs
  • Invitation and Save the Date
  • Poster designs used for promotions around campus.
  • Envisioning of the color scheme, lighting, and atmosphere of the room—what it would look and feel like to the guests—inspired my work through the design process, and in the end made both the promotional materials and the event feel like a unified experience. Photos of the event credit to Taylor Schlabach.
  • Full website design

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