Junior Review

Created: 04/28/13
Last Edited: 05/06/13
For my BFA-Graphic Design Junior Review:
This body of work was inspired by the typographic work of Stefan Sagmeister, and also my curiosity for videography and branding. I chose to focus my show on The American Red Cross because I have a passion for non-profit work, the work they continue to do, and what the Red Cross has done for so many. That being said, I decided to design a promotional campaign for this organization emphasizing what they do, this allowed me to use both video and branding all in one. They specialize, but are not limited to, five areas of work: Life-giving blood, International Services, Military Families and Services, Disaster Relief, and Health and Safety Training. I chose these subjects for the body of my work, because I wanted to portray and personalize what these areas really entail, as these fields are what make up the Red Cross. I wanted to show people, experiences, everyday life, and the small things we often take for granted, because these are often what is taken away from individuals and families that is then restored by the Red Cross. I hope to continue work similar to this in the future, and hope it is enjoyed by many as it has been a joy for me.
  • Typographic Video
  • Military Services
  • International Services
  • Health and Safety Training Services
  • Life-Saving Blood
  • Disaster Relief

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