Junction Brewing

Created: 05/09/13
Last Edited: 07/06/14
This is a personal project done for my home-brewed beer. I established the branding and identity standards and then created packaging for the beer in bottles as well as 6-packs. This was a really fun project for me because there were no parameters for me to follow and I could allow the piece to be an extension of my personality. I love trains, and I love beer. Junction Brewing is halfway between each.
  • Junction Brewing is ultimately a result of the American Railroad industry and its long-standing and rich history.  The identity was solely based on the combination of different cross buck signs from the late 1800's and the packaging itself was created and influenced from train tickets from 1890 all the way to the 1940's.
    Junction is homebrewed and hand crafted in short runs and small batches. These batches include three staples: Crossbuck Red Ale, Big Derail India Pale Ale, and Old Altoona Amber Ale. I also like to experiment with different flavors, so I am sure there will be more to this page before too terribly long.
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    In Beer by Design (published 2014)

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