Juice Barrel

Created: 02/07/13
Last Edited: 06/05/13
Inspired from watching old John Wayne movies and spaghetti westerns, Juice Barrel is a one of a kind juice and smoothie shop. The logo is modeled after the old wooden whiskey kegs, so often seen sitting outside the doors of a saloon, and is crafted in such a way to resemble an orange. Classic western motifs such as card games and bandits help add a humorous western feel to the menus and flavor promotional posters. For example, the menu resembles a hand of cards dealt in a poker game. When looking through the menu the customer can chose to fan or flip the different pages depending on their preference. Three mascots add interest to otherwise generic signature flavor posters and set the overall atmosphere as laid back and fun.

The experience is just as important to the Juice Barrel brand as the logo and the various promotional materials. With that being said, there are no long lines at the counter when ordering at Juice Barrel; rather, there are bar stools, tables and friendly servers to take your order. However, for those in a hurry there is a quick serve To-Go station.
  • Old West Themed Juice Bar
  • Juice Barrel is a fictional juice/smoothie shop that is themed off of the 'Old West.' The identity was inspired by an old time whiskey barrel and modified to resemble an orange. Promotional materials, menus and table toppers all center on classic old west motifs. Saddle up and get yer' thirst on at Juice Barrel.
  • 'OJ McPeely' (Classic Orange Juice) in-store signature flavor promotional poster.
  • 'El Bananadito' (Banana Smoothie) in-store signature flavor promotional poster.
  • 'Los Lemondo Brothers' (Lemon-limeade ) in-store signature flavor promotional poster.
  • Promotional poster for a special percentage off of orders using in-house glass mugs.
  • Menu plays off of a fanned out deck of cards, while the table topper promotes the three signature flavors using their designated characters.
  • To add to the subtle humor of Juice Barrel the bottoms of each coaster has a witty phrase or cowboy quote.
  • The menus  are segmented into three parts, each promoted by their signature flavor mascots. Classics, promoted by 'Los Lemondo Brothers' (lemonades, iced teas, etc.); Juice, promoted by 'OJ McPeely' (orange and other fruit juices); Smoothies, promoted by 'El Bananadito' (fruit smoothies and shakes).
  • Bandanna sleeves help tie in the 'Old West' theme to to otherwise sterile plastic To-Go cups.
  • 16 oz and 20 oz To-Go cups are offered for those customers who are just passing through.

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