Journey 2: The Mysterious Island | Main Title

  • Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
    Main Title Design - Main On End

    The words of Jules Verne painted magnificent pictures of far away lands and mystical creatures. The Mysterious Island was no exception as it was full of curiosities, the stuff of childhood dreams.

    The main title needed to deliver the same level of imagination and possibility.

    Captain Nemo's Nautilus cockpit presented a bountiful backdrop of gadgets and ornamentation.

    The machine, a sort of compass, gyroscope and magical gadget was designed as a way to showcase the titles as well as the vast artwork and mysteries of the movie.

    It holds frames of the grandfather's drawings that come to life and abound in the same way that our imaginations have from Verne's words.

    Main On End Title Sequence
    Initial Concept Design

  • Final Concept Design

  • This project was produced at Picture Mill.