Job Loss

Created: 12/03/12
Last Edited: 12/03/12
An interactive module describing a situation in which a learner seeking a higher education degree suffers a loss of a job. The user chooses on of the options to take and receives specific video feedback for that choice.
  • I designed and developed this piece for Capella University to aid learners making decisions during difficult circumstances such as the loss of a job while taking courses for advanced degrees. It starts with one video setting the situation. Once the initial video is complete your choices appear. The user would click one of the choices and get video feedback specific to that choice. 

    The challenge of this piece was to allow users to access all of the choices so they could weight their options and apply the best choice to their own situation. All of the choice buttons are visible once the initial video is completed and a button to re-watch the initial situation video is available to the user as well.

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