Jerry's Home Quality Foods

  • Jerry's Home Quality Foods
    Logo, illustration and environmental signage 
  • Jerry's Home Quality Foods may be small potatoes, but the store has lots of heart. Their old, outdated decor did not match the quality of service and goods housed in this rural town grocery store in Gaylord, Minnesota. Ankeny Builders came to the rescue for a complete remodel and hired me to help with graphics. My job was to update the logo and overall aesthetics of the store in a simple, economic way. Hand painted illustrations turned into huge vinyl art, combined with a fresh coat of colorful paints and new dimensional lettering cut from Gator board gave the store an instant warmth. 
  • "Apples to Apples" comparison of the before and after. 
  • Aisle markers and hanging signs were designed in the same simple, clean typographic style as the perimeter lettering.