• Metro Arts Alliance
    Jazz in July
    Print Designs
  • I was brought on to this project in late June to assist with the print design of materials for the Metro Arts Alliance program "Jazz in July". My job was to maintain a consistent theme across all print elements, anywhere from posters and fliers to ads that ran in The Des Moines Register. My work consisted of designing 2 posters, a flyer, a 4x8 banner, a coupon booklet, 2 Des Moines Register print ads, and 300 certificates of appreciation.
  •     Certificates of Appreciation: Sponsors, Volunteers, Site Coordinators, and Band Members.
  •    Poster 1: Finale Festival Band Schedule (22 in. x 28 in.)
  •    Poster 2: Finale Festival Kids Zone Events  (22 in. x 28 in.)
  •    Des Moines Register Ad: 2 Runs, (4 in. x 10 in)
       Finale Festival Banner: (4ft. x 8 ft.)
  •    Jazz in July Coupon Booklet: Front Cover  (2 in. x 4 in.)
  •    Jazz in July Coupon Booklet: History
  •    Jazz in July Coupon Booklet: Finale Festival Schedule
  •    Jazz in July Coupon Booklet: Samsung Coupon
  •    Jazz in July Coupon Booklet: Back Cover
  • Jazz in July Flyer. (4 in. x 8 in.)