Jamba Juice

Created: 12/22/09
Last Edited: 11/27/12
When Nestle Beverages entered into a licensing agreement with Jamba Juice to provide a line of ready-to-drink bottled smoothies and juices, they took on an interesting brand challenge: How do you take a beloved brand out of its signature, energetic retail experience and translate it into a single-serving unit for sale on the grocery store shelf? The Willoughby Innovation Lab team, in collaboration with Kirk Davis Consulting, began with a deep dive into the Jamba Juice brand and the juice/smoothie competitive set. We visually prototyped a series of brand equity studies as juice bottle packages, looking at everything from colors and symbols to attitude and voice. The concepts shown were rendered and used for Affinova consumer testing to help determine how to best optimize the Jamba brand for the ready-to-drink category.

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