JMA Personal Protection

  • JMA Personal Protection Identity
    Personal security and protection service company
  • This project allowed us to explore the idea of security, precision and tactics, while portraying the skill and undercover ops the owner and his employees have been trained in.  Mostly military background.
  •  After brainstorming with the owner of JMA, a few concepts were put together with the discussed keywords associated with the appeal and message of the business.
  • The target cross hair concept of being "spot on" with the target or the "client they are protecting", encapsulated all the major areas the owner wanted to touch on.  After this step, I went with the cross hair image and needed to make some choices as to how prominent the round lines in the cross hair needed to be and what message the strength of the lines would send.

    We worked together with a typeface that really was professional, yet showed some military influence.