Ivan the Marionette

  • Ivan the Marionette
    my first clay and cloth integration
  • Originally I had this doll included in my Stitch in Time folder, but I recently took some new images of my work and decided it warranted its own project profile. So to reiterate...

    This is the fifth hand-stiched doll I've made. I call him Ivan. 
    I was inspired by the marionettes I saw in Prague during the summer of 2009 so when I came home I quickly got to work. 

    I used cloth scraps from an old jacket for his jacket, pants, and hat. For his vest, scarf, and hair I used felt.
    The head, gloves, and boots are made from an air-dry clay and painted with acrylics. I stuck in bent paper clips while the clay was still wet so I could tie the strings to something. The sticks are everyday disposable wooden chopsticks that I stained with acrylic paint.

    You can't control him very well with the chopsticks, and he's not a very good marionette. But he is a good doll.

    Completed summer 2009.