• This is a project that I did For Eastern New Mexico University for their Home Coming. The theme was It's a Triller. The Concept behind these posters is desolation. I wanted it too feel like the Zombie Apocalypse had just happened and all of the important places for home coming were empty. 

    The poster above features the foot ball stadium with no cars in it, it is deserted. The image is set in a duotone of black and green to further the feeling that something is wrong. 
  • The image here is a photo of the ballroom at ENMU it too is empty. 

    The event that this poster is for is Songfest. Songfest is an event where students and clubs perform skits that go along with the home coming theme. 
  • This is the graphic that went on all of the home coming t-shirts.  The shirts were black and the ink was a very bright green.