Island Training Rebranding

Created: 05/07/13
Last Edited: 06/02/14
Despite their size, Island Training was already a highly successful and regarded company with prominent clients, but their branding was dated and weak. Matt's brand vision for the rebranding was to make a clean high-end look and feel, but with a little sense of humor and lightness. "Highly credible and yet also fun" – this brand vision was echoed by Island Training's management. Now an American Web Design Award winner. Projects: logo design, corporate identity, web design, book covers, marketing slicks, trade show design, trade show swag, SEO, PowerPoint template.
  • Recent American Web Design Award Winner also featuring the new logo
  • LL Bean used the Island Training branding for their Business Catolog - cover and inside spread.
  • Island Training loves to add a little sense of humor. They sponsored a series of water coolers with this graphic.
  • Branding suite sample.
  • Island Training logo featured on cover of L.L. Bean Summer Business Catalog.

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