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    Color Study Design
  • After doing various studies following Birren's Color Theory, these wallpaper designs emerged from the color schemes that were created in this process. The Encounter Collection's mission is to make a global problem as varid and urgent as protecting and helping endangered species feel personal and attainable. The target audience is largely populations of developed countries since our impact is so great on our environment. Wildlife can be saved and preserved through the population's current and future decisions and actions.

    The WE brand used to communicate this collection is hypothetical continuation fromt he original ME to WE awareness program created by The Alliance for Climate Protection and Al Gore. Called "We Can Solve It," this campaign is made to heighten awareness for global climate change.

    TheThe purpose of the wallpapers are to expand upon the existing campaign and draw attention to the challenge of protecting these and other animals. The wallpapers reiterate the responsibility we have not only to ourselves and future generations but also to the animals we affect and can help protect by taking action.