Created: 02/24/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Invitation packages with custom made signal flags and a large custom print nautical map of the San Francisco bay area, hosting the 34th America's Cup.
  • Invitations
    To discuss WYSE's role and opportunities as a sponsor of the 34th America's Cup
  • To win the America’s Cup, it takes more than a good gust of wind.
    It takes expert engineers, designers and boat builders to make thefastest boat.

    The same is true when it comes to WYSE’s sponsorhip of the 34th America’s Cup. It takes an expertteam to build a succesful sponsorship strategy. AIMIA extends an invitation to START CHARTING A WINNING COURSE TOGETHER.

    The initial invitation contains a set of nautical signal flags, used for the pre-start procedure of sailing boat races. The second mailing contained a large custom designed and printed nautical map of the SanFrancisco bay that will host the final America’s Cup race, as well as two AIMIA portfolio books.

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