Into the Light Exhibition

  • Into the Light was an exhibition celebrating light. Artists worked with many different mediums including film, artificial light and candle light.

    My inspiration for the introduction was one of the artist's pieces. Two projectors throw solid color on the wall and the projections overlap in the middle creating a third color. I carried this color scheme through the banners that hang on light poles near the museum and on various streets in the city. The introduction titling utilized light in another form�"a gobo. This way we were able to throw the title on the wall as light. This was extremely successful in drawing visitors into the exhibition.
  • Due to the nature of the art, the galleries needed to remain dark. We were challenged to create didactics that were visible without disrupting the art. This lead us to electric panels made of a subtly glowing material, much like watches that glow in the dark. The brightness could be dialed up or down. We then created "negatives" of the didactics and attached them to the glowing panel. We ended up with extremely legible didactic panels that didn't disrupt the art and utilized current technologies in light.