Interactive Invitations | Use a Lighter

  • Interactive Invitations
    3D problem solving
  •   The interactive invitation, comes with 1 card, 1 envelope, a lighter in a lighter kit. All you need to do is follow the simple instruction of heating up the man on the card with the lighter. The card uses lemon juice as its ink, which shows up in a transparent or clear form to the eye. To reveal all the information, you simple get to burn the back of the invitation. How much fun is that !? A lot if you ask me. Heat is your main ingredient and the lemon juice is what your burning, not the actual paper. Unless you put the flame to close and the whole card goes up in flames. So theres an extra element of danger involved! Exciting !
  • You might be wondering whats with the lemons? Well I sliced the lemons, squeezed the juice out, took the cue tips, and used that as my way of presenting the information on the invitation. 
  • Your card arrives as shown, just the title of the event ( Burning Man 2012 ) and a very simple note of [ Heat Me Up ] 
  • After you take your Burning Man lighter out of your lighter kit, gently heat up the back of the invitation for about 2 minutes. Keep flame about 2-3 inches from the card to avoid burning the entire thing
  • September 01, Burning Man is featuring fire artist Nate Smith, which was my inspiration for doing this interactive card that used fire as its activator 
  • Your lighters that you received with your invitation, comes in white or black 
  • the envelope your interactive invitation comes it, a silhouette of Nate Smith in his fire suit that you get to heat up revealing the invisible ink