Interaction Design: Weather Symphony

Created: 05/09/12
Last Edited: 08/22/13
A machine that lets the user remix music that is being created by the weather.
  • Final Touchscreen Interface Design: This was our final layout for   the touch interface for Weather Symphony. The three dials on the bottom control EQ parameters (Treble, Mid, Bass). The three center buttons control act as on and off switches for each of the three sets of processed effects the user can use for remixing. The controls on the left control the parameters for effect 1 and the controls on the left are for effect two. The parameters for the third effect (the the purple one) are controlled by infrared ping sensors on both side they box, which is controlled similar to that of a theremin.

  • Success!  We finally completed it through trials and tribulations. Above is a brief video overview of the finished project.
  • This is a video overview of the exhibition our class as a group produced. Weather Symphony is featured several times through the video.

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