"Intentional Leader" Book Design

  • Intentional Leader
    Book Design
    The Intentional Leader book was created to equip leaders with opportunity to grow though daily experiences and exercises. The year-long journal is divided into twelve themed monthly sections, then further subdivided into weekly directions and daily activities (four weeks of material per month, five days of activities per week). The book was created for Giant Impact, and was sold through Giant's online store and at live events.

    I decided to really focus the imagery of the book on the monthly themes, and created a series of icons that would rest on a light grey title page of each section to highlight the content of the month within.
    For the journaling aspect of the book, a light grey dot grid was placed behind the content of every page so that users could write in and mark up the daily activities any way that they see fit.
    To coincide with the dot grid, I created a numbering system to carry though out the book that was based on a series of twelve dots representing the twelve month sections - the number of the month indicated by the number of darkened circles, and the other dots remaining faded (showing the amount of progress left in the journal). This counting system was placed horizontally at the beginning of each month's page divider, and then vertically beside each week divider (and final wrap up) within the month.
    The text uses a combination of Baskerville and DIN fonts, and to highlight the actionable items in each day's activity, a red (to coincide with GiantImpact's red branding) was used.
  • Design
  • The grid for a full page spread - dividing daily activities up to fit two to a page.
  • The numbering system on the front of each month's page divider, tracking the user's progress.
  • The numbering system, indicating the month, placed vertically next to one of the week dividers.
  • The twelve icons created to represent each month's theme.
  • Press
  • The book was printed to be spiral-bound, and wrapped in a black, soft aqueous cover with black spot printing on the front and back cover - on the front, the book's title and the series of twelve icons; on the back, the GiantImpact logo. The book was printed through Lawrence Ink in Atlanta, GA.
  • Product
  • The "Intentional Leader" soft aqueous cover with black spot printing of the title and the twelve months' icons.
  • The inside cover of the book, before the first full page, uses a half-page printed on thicker stock to explain the "Intentional Leader" journaling process to the user.
  • Inside of the back cover, another half-page on thicker stock was used to display organizational information about GiantImpact and to bookend the book.