Integrated Marketing Campaign

  • Goodman Theatre Integrated
    Marketing Campaign

    2012/13 Season
  • Good­man Theatre’s annual sub­scrip­tion push is a sev­eral month-long mar­ket­ing cam­paign that includes brochures, direct mail, posters, fly­ers, print and online adver­tis­ing, bill­boards and more. Four sets of eye-catching, transformative images were created to support Goodman Theatre's 2012/13 Season and compliment the headline "Expect Something Wild." The blending of human and animal characteristics speaks to The Jungle Book being the season's touchstone production, while highlighting the diversity of the four other mainstage productions that complete the 2012/13 Season. Thus far, two of the four images have been rolled out on various marketing materials.

    The fresh and raw quality of the visuals support the Goodman as an "Explorer" brand—new, exciting and truly wild—while being a unique departure from visuals of the past.
  • Brochure Covers
  • Brochure Interior
  • Brochure Interior. I also created the imagery for the shows—conceptualized from reading the scripts.
  • Brochure Interior
  • Season Subscription Ad
  • Season Billboard
  • Season Billboard location along Chicago's 'L'—which has an average weekday ridershop of 641,261.