Instructional Illustration, Infographics, Maps, Icons

Created: 04/12/12
Last Edited: 05/13/14
A collection of deconstructed illustrations whose purpose is to inform and/or educate.
  • Worked closely with Public Works engineers to accurately represent this¬†vegetated sand filter¬†for an interpretive sign (see Hyatt Hidden Lakes Preserve project), 28" x 11".
  • Large display created to address leaf recycling program rules that tend to be overlooked. Library personnel referred to it as "popular and controversial." Given the venue, I was hoping the dog would get some giggles from the kids (assuming they're anything like my kids.) Apparently it captured people's attention. This is good.
  • Sandbagging illustrations created to help people visualize the detailed instructions they accompany. I used my 1964 yellow split-level house as a model for the "single-stack" graphic.
  • Ah yes, the life of a Public Works graphic designer. I attempt to handle indelicate subjects with a light touch so as not to visually put-off, as it can be gross enough for many people just thinking about it. (Hey, that dog looks familiar!)
  • Went for the "sheer volume" approach here. (Hey, that goose looks familiar!)
  • Reduced a busy Google map to the essential information needed to navigate to the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center.
  • Created cute little infographics in place of plain text for this small foldover card (shown open) for the Idaho Water Education Foundation.
  • Drew this series of small icons of local landmarks for the interactive "Flush Mapper" exhibit at the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center.
  • Designed for 2-color printing. Illustration 1 demonstrates how fat, oil and grease from restaurants can build up in pipes if allowed down kitchen drains. Grease interceptors (illustration 2) can help, but only for the small bits left after scraping the food from plates into the garbage and wiping greasy pans with paper towels before washing.
  • Another Google map simplification. In this case the proportions were severely altered so all locations would fit on one map without vast distances in between. Only essential information is included. This map has a sleeker look than the more earthy Boise WaterShed map.

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