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Created: 05/27/11
Last Edited: 10/20/13
These information graphics were created in coordination with the Sticks + Stones program which, through design, seeks to explore themes of migration, immigration, and cultural diversity. Using information obtained from, these three graphics address proportional and locational relationships of languages spoken (after English) in the US, the western US, and Utah.
  • Beyond English—Information Graphics
    As part of the Sticks + Stones project, we were asked to create information graphics to visually explain some aspect of culture, migration, or immigration. I chose to focus on language, as it is an important means of communication that has the power to both connect and divide people. Using statistics from, I started with a map of the United States and focused on foreign languages spoken in each state, which painted a picture of various cultural regions across the country. I then created two more maps, which narrowed to the Western US and finally to my home state, Utah.

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