In Pulse Design Exhibition

  • In Pulse Design and Industry Exhibition
    21st Annual San Francisco State University Design and Industry Exhibition
    In Pulse is the annual San Francisco State University Design and Industry Department Student Exhibition. It showcases graphic, product, digital media, industrial and environmental design.

    I worked with the structures team to design and build the structures and decide on the layout of the room. Our idea was to have the work floating, held only by strings, as if it was attached by a web. The skeleton of the structures was not hidden, but rather remained a skeleton and stayed true to its form, allowing the work displayed to be the focus.

    We wanted to create a sense if intimacy with the work by providing semi-enclosed spaces, but still offer the ability to people watch during the show. The resulting structures allowed there to be an unusual energy flow in the room, creating an interesting experience for visitors

    The challenge was to create a cohesive landscape that would accommodate the wide variety of mediums that are displayed in the show: digital media pieces were projected onto large screens and made available for interaction on laptops inside the projection structure, three dimensional products were displayed on wooden pedestals.