In Parallel

Created: 03/31/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
An artist book of personal roads.
  • In Parallel
    An Artist Book
  • InĀ  Parallel is a metaphorical book for the split roads my twin sister and I have taken. Each side of the fold book represents one person, from starting at the same beginning yet ending differently. The book is also a cycle referencing that life is a cycle of death and rebirth, in the form of emotional death and rebirth as well as the physical. The book is made so that the sentences on each page can mix with each other by folding different variations of the pages, as you will see demonstrated below. The book is carried by the metaphorical and slightly abstract imagery along with the poetic text on each page.

    The images were hand painted and scanned into Illustrator where I added the heavy black vector shapes and lines. Everything was hand-crafted and assembled as well as the silver painted shapes on the pages.

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