• In Equality
    Social Awareness Campaign
    As a class assignment in my graduate course of Social Awareness, I was to pick
    a topic of interest that could be used to address an issue in society today.

    Even after all our efforts, racial inequality still exists in America today. My goal
    for this project was to bring attention to two organizations that were attempting
    to break stereotypical assumptions about race and promote equality.

    By descontructing the word “inequality” I was able to form key phrases that
    promoted equality. By further researching the topic I found compelling quotes
    from individuals of all races. I set out to create a campaign to not just promote the
    original organizations, but to generate thoughts about the state of racial inequality
    within the United States.

    Utilizing both Americana imagery, a primary color palette, vector and photo-based
    images and a broken, rough aesthetic, the campaign communicated the state of
    racial inequality today while also offering a positive outlet to be heard.

    Eurostile and House Arrest
    Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop