In Cold Blood

Created: 05/16/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
A timeline for a history of murder, along with two support pieces.
  • infographics
  • The Smithsonian Musuem created an exhibition focusing on various historical murders. The exhibition included not only the histories involving the murders, but the case files and evidence found that could be linked to them. The timeline and the support pieces were set up in an interactive area intended for all people to approach and learn more. I chose to emulate the style of Saul Bass for these posters because I felt the style was both appropriate and classy in relation to the topic.
  •  Main timeline (full version)
  • Main timeline (1400 - 1599)
  •   Main timeline (1600 - 1799)
  •   Main timeline (1800-1989)
  • Main timeline (1990 - present)
  •  Support piece 1
  •  Support piece 2

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