Keeping Families Together

Created: 03/15/13
Last Edited: 04/16/14
Campaign flyers for CASA of Maryland’s Immigration Reform initiative. The image of the child and the slogan "Keeping Families Together" illustrate the concepts of deportation, family unity, and hope. The choice of media and approach allowed for efficient information dissemination, as the flyers were purposely designed in black ink, allowing for accessible and low-cost print production.

CASA de Maryland is the largest immigration advocacy non-profit organization in the state of Maryland.
  • CASA of Maryland, Inc, the largest immigration advocacy non-profit organization in Maryland, needed a series of flyers to mobilize a fearful and skeptical undocumented immigrant community to publicly petition Congress in Capitol Hill for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.                     

    The image of the child and the slogan "Keeping Families Together" illustrate the concepts of deportation, family unity, and hope. This grassroots-style marketing approach allowed for efficient information dissemination, as the flyers were purposely designed in black ink, allowing for accessible and low-cost print production.

    Flyer sizes: 8''x11'' and 4''x6''

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