Illustration and Personal Drawings

Created: 04/03/12
Last Edited: 10/05/13
These are various drawings of mine, mostly personal with some commissioned work and book covers included.
  • Illustration and Drawings
    Mostly personal digital paintings and drawings, with some commissioned work.
  • These pieces are the most true representations of me and my artistic values. I love an odd variety of things: werewolves, marching band, ancient Rome, etc. I constantly strive for improvement. I'm fascinated by physiognomy, how details in a person's physique relate to their personality. Hence, anatomy and character design play a large role in my artwork.
  • Cover (sans final text and markup) of Courtney Brandt's novel, A Fine Line.
  • "Card Sharks," one of my submissions for a t-shirt design at
  • "Infrastructure," another hand-drawn submission for a t-shirt contest

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