Identity System: The Auric Hotel

Created: 01/15/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
An identity system, packaging, and an invitation packet for a luxury hotel location in Vietnam.
  • The Auric Hotel
  • The Auric Hotel is a luxury hotel modeled after the JW Marriott, but with a point of difference that Auric offers personalized tours of the city so that visitors do not have try and figure everything out on their own. I worked with Michelle Bui¬†and Mollie Naig to create a logo, stationery, hotel room amenities, a soft open invitation packet, and several other items involved in the identity system. We designed the hotel as an international corporation that is already well-established, and is opening a new location in Vietnam to test out the new tours being offered.

    While we worked collaboratively on the entire system and included everyone's input on the final designs, I focused on the elements in the soft open invitation packet.

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