Mom's Body Shop

Created: 11/01/10
Last Edited: 04/30/14
I chose to create a new identity system for Mom's Body and Tattoo shop here in San Francisco. Deliverables for the project included: website, poster and packaging for aftercare products (soothing ointment & cleansing treatment)
  • Mom’s Body Shop
    from hand drawn to heritage, a classic San Francisco tattoo shop
    For this assignment we were tasked to take an existing hand drawn ad created by a local business and create a new identity for that business. I chose to create a new identity system for Mom’s Body and Tattoo shop. The Haight/Ashbury tattoo shop has a long & storied tradition and I wanted to bring some of those traditional design elements to this identity, as well as introduce potential product opportunities for the brand.
    Deliverables: Identity, Packaging, Posters, Website
    Visual LiteracySpring 2009

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