Identity Design—Sacha Waldman Photography

  • Sacha Waldman Photography
    Brand Development: Logo Design, Stationary System and Website Design
  • We collaborated with our friends at TNC to create this bespoke identity for South African photographer Sacha Waldman.
  • The direction chosen was Victorian Gothic, in order to convey the dark and edgy, yet refined character of Sacha's work.
  • We created three different marks in the same gothic style for his premium brand, business cards and wax stamp.
  • Our partners at TNC gave our pattern and logos a beautifully treated final production to add another layer of sophistication and character to Sacha's brand.
  • "Working with Rob is a truly collaborative experience. He has an innate ability to understand not only the inspiration and creative direction behind an idea, but also has the passion to develop those initial thoughts outside the confines of the original brief. Barnickel Design's involvement on the brand identity project for Sacha Waldmen not only produced a beautiful, creative and truly flexible logotype, their work became the foundation of a revolutionary web site and interactive experience."

    -James Bareham, Co-Founder and CCO of The New Cruelty